Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Black Mexican/ Black Ugly

I don't know about you but this video had me rolling! It just about sums up my hate for all things Lil Weasel & Dripset.  Why is it necessary for Juelz Santana to repeat every line he thinks is the hotness?  Can anybody explain to me why Weasel even exists?

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Peedi Peedi ~ Fallback

New video for old an ass song. When are you ever going to release an album Peedi?

The Boondocks Season 2

The new season of The Boondocks premieres October 8th @ 11:30 PM on The Cartoon Network. Yep, right after Monday Night Football. Hope I can manage to stay up that late to watch! According to
Charlie Murphy,


Mos Def & Xzibit are back on deck with help out with the voices.New voices include Ghostface Killah &

also this Lil Weasel Lil Wayne.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Roll Call ~ Hip Hop & Jena 6

Bun B on his way to the Jena 6 rally this past Thursday in Jena, Louisiana. Good for him, I knew there was a reason that I liked UGK. It sure wasn't because of Pimp C. Rappers Mos Def & David Banner were there as well. Hmmm... hold up,*scratches head*... that's it? I know more than just those few rappers came to show support. Not even one rapper from the Lou? SMH. Mos Def talks about the lack of hip hop's face (or voice) in the place in this article.

Pittsburgh,Pa rapper Jasiri X goes a step further and calls out names in his song Free The Jena 6. He puts just about every artist from the area on blast in this song and asks them to step up in support of the Jena 6. I'm feeling him on this, and these days what's a better platform to spread the word to the masses than hip hop?

Listen to Free The Jena 6 by Jasiri X:


Friday, September 14, 2007

I Rock!!! Yea!!!

Yea, I got an award of sorts from my girl Invisible Woman. I am very excited about this, I feel like I'm moving up just a little in the blogging world. I'm very new to this and I appreciate the fact that people take time out of their day to check in on me. Believe it or not this has inspired me to take this blogging thing a little more serious. I'm supposed to name other girl bloggers that I think rock so here goes:



Sista Toldja

The Beatniks


I'm too tired right now to inform my nominees tonight, I'll tell them tomorrow. Good night all.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Spotted this picture over at Nah Right. Fiddy is so desperate for sales that it's not even funny anymore. He had to take it back to the hood I see. And he can call it "hustling units out the back of my trunk in the hood" if he wants, but nah, I'm not buying it (pun intended). It's a different look, (not a good one) when you do this while you are still signed to a major label and supposedly still on top of your game. I'm just saying...

My Fake Ass/Wannabe Psychoanalysis of Britney

I know I'm super late with this video but I have just gotten the chance to witness this horror. In my house Sundays are dedicated to enjoying football games during the season so I didn't even realize these awards were on. I heard all about this craziness that she calls a performance but by the time I had a chance to view it the video was disabled. Found it over at Megavideo, so I guess Viacom ain't up on their game.

Anyway, after viewing this for myself I understand were Kanye West was coming from when he blasted MTV for letting her be the opening act. Like Kanye said on 106 & Park, she just wasn't ready. I'm a fake ass/wannabe psychologist so I was trying to figure out were she was at mentally. (For those wondering, I find it easier to analyze her than my girl Lauryn Hill because to be real with you it's still hard for me to cope with 'losing' Lauryn.) This performance left me wondering if she trusts anybody at all, because she obviously doesn't trust anyone to help her style her hair, clothes, or choreograph her performances. She can't have anybody behind her condoning this shit. That had to be all crazy ass Britney.

So with my mini fake ass/wannabe psychoanalysis, I've come to the conclusion that she has major trust issues, and low self-esteem. She needs some daily affirmations like that character from SNL Stuart Smalley, as played by Al Franken. You know, get in a group setting and say shit like "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, & doggone it people like me!"

Bruh Man Returns

Yeah I know who cares, right?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Videos

Cassidy ft/ Swizz Beatz ~ Drink & My Two Step

Kanye West ft/ T-Pain ~ Good Life

New videos from Cassidy repping the 2-1-5 & Kanye West. This is the ONLY song that I like that T-Pervert was ever involved in. Now I really understand why Kanye is so stuck on himself, if he can make T-Pain sound good then he is the shiznit. Cassidy on the other hand is on some Mike Jones ish, dropping his phone number everywhere. He wants you wannabe mc's to holla @ him & spit your best 16 for a contest he's having. Check out his MySpace for info & the #.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wyclef Speaks About Lauryn Hill

Wyclef talking shit about Lauryn Hill needing a psychologist. Well, uh duh, no shit Sherlock! We all need a little therapy every now and then. He was her friend at one point of time, I wonder if he is trying to help her?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Makes Me Wanna Holla! (A slight rant)

Ok, I'm ranting today please forgive me.

And sorry for the ugly ass picture to the right.

But you have to see the woman who is pissing me off at the moment.

I hate the local evening news, especially the first couple of minutes. In Killadelphia,Pistolvania the murder capitol of the US, the first few minutes of the news usually contain all the murders of the day so far. It's ridiculous out here and anyone from here can testify to that. Go over to Field Negro's blog, he keeps the murder count updated daily on his sidebar. Shits thick out here no doubt, and young people like myself live here in fear of their lives everyday, so I know the elderly must be petrified.

The first few minutes of this evenings 6 o'clock news was different I must say. Murders were there of course but they came second today. No today is one for the record books for real. This local news story caught my eye and I just had to write something about it. To be honest, I'm usually too shocked and dismayed by all violence/murders going on in my own community to be concerned with THEIR problems. This stuck out because of the nature of this case. This case is murder...or is it?

Imagine shooting a cop, getting charged & found guilty of aggregated assault with attempt to kill, and doing 15 years for it. Your victim is paralyzed, confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. You do your time for it and get out. Then your victim, the cop you shot 40 years ago, dies from the gunshot wound that you caused. Two weeks later your charged with murdering the same cop you did time for all those years ago. WTF?

Well yeah, that's what's going on in here in Philly. There is this guy William Barnes who is now 71 years old is being charged with murder for the very scenario in the paragraph above. Yep, with all the crime and murder going on around here that goes unsolved or haven't been prosecuted as of yet, our dumb ass DA Lynne Abraham wants to waste my hard earned tax money on prosecuting somebody that already done time for the crime he committed.

Quote from Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham taken from

"When you set in motion a chain of events, a perpetrator of a crime is responsible for every single thing that follows from that chain of events no matter how distant," District Attorney Lynne Abraham said at a news conference Tuesday.

Those are her words. So because she says so I have to pay for his trial-and if he gets convicted, pay for his prison stay. They can leave that old man alone and worry about the real crime. The wasted time and money can go to improving something, like all the freaking potholes all over the damn city.

This man Barnes has since changed his ways and after all, at 71 is soon to meet his maker as well. We have a high murder rate, but a low conviction rate, and her damn office finds the time to file a murder charge on a holiday no less!

Don't get me wrong I truly feel for the victim, Walter Barclay. He lost the use of his limbs on the line of duty, just one of the many reasons I could/would never be a policewoman. I cant even imagine what that must be like. That being said, we all must go sometime. I find it hard to believe you can directly link a gun shot wound to a death 40 years later. I also think Abraham is tripping and definitely needs to retire she thinks this is the direction she needs to be going. She is part of Philly problems.

(picture from Associated Press)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Blog Love

How has everyone's holiday weekend been? I have been blessed to have a very relaxing and laid back weekend and I hope everybody is enjoying their holiday. I've been taking a little break from posting on my blogs, but I have been lurking around on other blogs. With the Black Weblog Awards winners about to be announced this week I'd like to say congrats to all the winners. I did nominate and vote for some of the blogs I visit, and wish you all could win. Some of the bloggers that I nominated didn't make the cut, but to them I say there is always next year. Keep doing what your doing, you are an inspiration to me.

Here are some that I nominated and some of the finalist that I voted on. Don't ask what category because I don't remember them all. If you haven't already, check them out.Also go vote, you have until 4pm today.

Invisible Woman(Maybe they will create a movie category)
Blind I Is For The Kids(Hip Hop Blog on the come up)
Humanity Critic(Get your throat-chopped)
BlogXilla(My Blog crush,blogging like the rock star he is)
AfroBella (Always a fav)
RhymesWithSnitch(That Bitch! has an underrated gossip blog, very humorous,& she tells it like she sees it)
The Field Negro(Political Blog from a fellow Philly blogger, so you know I had to represent)
Babes,Bling & Booze(I like RichBoi for his collection of celebrity pictures & his wit.
What Would Thembi Do?( Another Philly blogger, very funny girl)
The Smoking Section(hip hop blog)
The Brutha Code(read between the lines)
Me,Myself An Eye (Sista Toldja, fellow comrade)
The D-Nice Journal(I had a big crush on him as a teen, & he has beautiful pictures) (Love nerds)
illDoctrine(hip hop blog)
Ghetto Economics(Paula D,she rocks!)
UltravioletUnderground(subcultural alternative soul)
Shavar Ross(from Diff'rent Strokes)

Be good and see you after the holiday!