Monday, November 12, 2007

R.I.P. Donda West

I know I kid and joke about Kanye West a lot but I want to express my deep sorrow for his lost. 'Ye, you are definitely in my prayers. Pic from

Saigon ~ Come On Baby ft/ Just Blaze & Swizz Beatz

"It would like me on Entourage, I'm just playing myself."

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Saturday Morning Flashback

Anyone remember back in the day when they had real cartoons on Saturday morning? I mean good quality cartoons on every major network, you would have so many to choose from that you had to make out a schedule. Well I know thats how I was, a total cartoon freak. The Smurfs, Thundercats, He-Man, Gi-Joe, Spiderman & Friends, Superfriends & The Justice League...i could go on and on. Oh, how I hated to wake up early during the weekdays, but come Saturday morning at 6am I was bright eyed and bushy tailed with a bowl of cereal parked right in front of the TV. Those were the days and too bad these kids will know nothing about good cartoons unless they have the Boomerang Channel.

Believe it or not the real highlight of my mornings would be School House Rock, the little educational cartoon ditties that came on in between the cartoon shows. SHR was a great learning tool, I don't know why they stopped showing them. A couple of years back they were advertising the dvd on a commercial, and I was so geeked I ordered it immediately.(For my son of course,lol.)

One of my favorite SHR songs ever.

I remember my teacher had a kids album on wax that had this song on it. This song is how I learned my three times tables.

I remember this kid from Philly named Tracy Lee came out with a song called The Theme (It's Party Time) that had an interpolation of this song.

Now you know it just wouldn't be be if I didn't add this video. LMAO!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Talk About Chemical Warfare

Ok, here is conspiracy theory #5011. China is trying to kill us yall! First with all that lead based paint, now with date rape drugs. WTF?! According to ABC news, they are recalling another toy made in China. This toy Aqua Dots contains some type of chemical that converts to the illegal drug fantasy, found in date rape drugs. Two children from America, and three from Australia were hospitalized after ingesting these toxic chemicals. Out of these five children two are in comas. Read about the recall here.Think it's a joke if you wanna!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Go, Go, Go, Back to Rehab Amy

Ummm, what the fuck is she talking about? I only understand the chorus, the rest isn't audible. Rumor is she was performing "Back To Black" drunk as hell at the MTV awards. Judging from this video, I'll take a present day Lauryn Hill performance over a Amy Winehouse performance ANY day. At least you can understand what Lauryn is saying and she is way less scary looking. Amy looks like a character from "The Nightmare Before Christmas".

Saturday, November 3, 2007

I Think Somebody Needs A Time Out

I'm so mad that the Eagles have been doing bad this year, and I know why now. I wasn't so quick to blame Donovan Mcnabb like the rest of my fellow Eagles 'fans'. As you may know the fans here are the most brutal in the country. Here we boo Santa Clause and throw snow balls at him. Anyway, I blame Andy Reid for losing control of his team, and now his household.

Both of Andy Reid's boys are now on lockdown at Montgomery County Jail for basically doing a lot of dumb shit. The judge that sentenced the Reid boys called Andy Reid's home a "drug emporium", this is after a search of the home found drugs, drug paraphernalia and guns. That's not all, one of the sons smuggled 89 pills into the jail via his asshole! 89 pills, is that even possible?! He even brags about selling to people in North Philadelphia, one of Philly's most dangerous neighborhoods.

I don't see how the NFL can tolerate this from their coaches. Seems like they should be just as hard on them as the players. They effect the outcome of games just as well as the players do. You can guarantee if any of the players where caught with all those drugs and guns in their house they would at the very least be suspended. I don't get it, but whatever. All I know is the team is suffering and he needs time off to get his house in order.


Joe Budden ~ Star Inside Of Me

Beanie Sigel ~ All Of The Above

I admit to being a fan of both these guys. Both are freestyle kings. I'm not feeling these songs, especially Beans song (probably because of R.Kelly).