Sunday, April 13, 2008

Miss Rap Supreme

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your televisions again due to the writers going back to work, think twice. Good old VH1 is here to give us another wholesome goodie. Miss Rap Supreme which airs on Monday April 14th, is the latest rap reality show to spring from the VH1/ego trip collaboration.

I was geeked when I first heard about this show, as I feel there is a need for more "femcees" to have exposure. I'm up pretty late writing this, and my memory isn't 100% right now, but if I'm right the only female MC out here making any noise is Lil' Mama, unless you count Missy (which I simply refuse). It's like women were phased out at some point. They are either in jail, about to go, on probation, or just got released. We've all seen what's happened to Lauryn, and Eve and Latifah are Hollywood now. The era of the femcee has long gone. I feel some type of way about that too.

Hilarity ensued from the try out phase, brought on by girls from my hometown.You know Philly always have some shit with us. This time it was in the form of a female that calls herself Merck The Black Russian (who is a black girl that spits in Russian), and Hedonis Da Amazon (who's violent lyrics about giving out free abortions will scare the bejesus out of you, trust). 

There are a handful of the ten contestants chosen that have rap skills. My top three  lyrical femcee picks so far are Chiba, Lady Twist & Rece Steele. A special shout out goes out to Bree, an aspiring rapper/boxer and buddy of mines from Myspace. A honorable mention goes to Nicky2States, the single mother of 4 who just started rapping a year ago. I find that pretty amazing, only thing is she needs to say something that's meaningful.


Of course the hot mess of the show was Miss My Neck & My Back. Grrr! Why is Khia there? I wasn't really feeling the way one of the chicks on the show (Ms. Cherry) put her on the spot, but chickie had a point. Khia has had her chance, and the possibility that she is nothing more than a one hit wonder is very strong. My advise? Go lay down somewhere, leave those ridiculous looking red, black, gold and green crocheted outfits alone and exit quietly out the rear door, thank you. In case you were wondering, yes, she brought her fashion faux pas with her to the show. Not the bikini number in the picture above, apparently she has plenty of them.


Wanda said...

whats up. been a looooong time!

AKZionz said...

that show was a joke, it was like the minstrel show of girl rappers. A bunch of pussy verses n over the top cursin, i h8 that shyt. The only girl on their that was remotely nice was Byata and o girl that won (pushin my limit). But hell yeah, it's too few femcees for the bulk of them to b so damn wack. They shoulda had Jean Grae overtly honest ass judgin the show, then it woulda been cool