Sunday, January 27, 2008

Airing out family business


Can anybody explain to me what's going on with the Wu-Tang family? Everybody is mad with Rza, Raekwon is making dumb ass statements, and now Shyheim has entered the realm of ultimate wackness with this trash. 

Edited: Nah Right has a link that explains where the beef stems from. Click here for the interview.



Hey sis,
passing by showing u some love..caught u via Rawdawg

check me out when u get a chance You Better Recognize

The Master (De)bater said...

Just when I thought grown men had a clue and figured out the mystery...some simple stuff shows up in a rap song. So much for chess-boxing...I hate to Black men acting like overrated divas! In the words of Donny and Roberta, "where is the love?"

AKZionz said...

shyheim fell off, and errbody mad at RZA cuz he went against the grain wit 7 other members on the 8 Diagrams Album (flamin garbage)