Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A little this, a little that

Yeah, yeah, long time no hear from, I know. Shit has been so hectic in my life, I barely have time for my thoughts. Besides me hitting the books on some higher learning ish, my job has been more demanding of me. I've been trying to move up in rank so to speak, and because of that I've been stress-cartoondoing some travel for my job. I've had to start taking on-line classes to accommodate my travel. I'm on-line for most of the hours that I'm awake, but still have very little time to attend to a blog or even check in on other bloggers from time to time. For the latter, I sincerely apologize, and hope that you understand my position. If it means anything to you guys, I do peak in on you guys sometimes, but may not leave a comment. Hope everything is well with you all.


Besides work and school, there is also my one and only heart, my baby boy (pictured below, holding my nephew). I've recently had the pleasure of joining the ranks Ron & Ibn of "mothers-with-teenage-boys". If anyone knows what that's like, holla! Worst of all, my child is extremely social, the popular type. The kids, (the majority being of course the female type) calling my house all times of the evening. The parties, that he has to attend or else he'll die a million deaths. Teachers calling my house (twice in September already) telling me how my child's social/class clown/disruptive behavior is going to effect his grades if he doesn't tone it down. Sigh. The normal woes of a parent I suppose. But on top of all that, worrying about him- a young black boy out here on these mean Philly streets - can be very, very, very stressful. I'm very protective of him, so you can imagine the struggles he and I have when it comes to allowing him to do things without me around. Even though I've always hated when other people said it, I only have one child (btw, glad he's not a girl), so you do the math on that.


I have been watching what's been going on 'round here in the country though. Shit is getting hectic. So-called economic turmoil. Bush & his boys are looting the joint before he leaves office, and we are mad-dog-palin basically allowing him. They call it a bail out, I call it what it is. I'm more fearful about this election now than I've been about any election EVER. I'm not going to ear beat anyone with why this election year is so important, and please go out and vote, and yadda yadda ya, because it is just so painfully obvious.I will say this though: I swear to God, if Crypt-Keeper & Gidget gets elected as Pres and VP up in this bitch, I am so, so outta here. I'm deflecting to Canada and taking my son with me, you can mark my words. Obama/Biden 08!

Well that's about it, just posting to prove I'm still alive. At this rate of posting I suppose I'll see you guys right before the new year, lol. I'll be making my rounds soon to drop a little love and shout-outs on your pages. Be easy! 

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Miss Rap Supreme


Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your televisions again due to the writers going back to work, think twice. Good old VH1 is here to give us another wholesome goodie. Miss Rap Supreme which airs on Monday April 14th, is the latest rap reality show to spring from the VH1/ego trip collaboration.

I was geeked when I first heard about this show, as I feel there is a need for more "femcees" to have exposure. I'm up pretty late writing this, and my memory isn't 100% right now, but if I'm right the only female MC out here making any noise is Lil' Mama, unless you count Missy (which I simply refuse). It's like women were phased out at some point. They are either in jail, about to go, on probation, or just got released. We've all seen what's happened to Lauryn, and Eve and Latifah are Hollywood now. The era of the femcee has long gone. I feel some type of way about that too.

Hilarity ensued from the try out phase, brought on by girls from my hometown.You know Philly always have some shit with us. This time it was in the form of a female that calls herself Merck The Black Russian (who is a black girl that spits in Russian), and Hedonis Da Amazon (who's violent lyrics about giving out free abortions will scare the bejesus out of you, trust). 

There are a handful of the ten contestants chosen that have rap skills. My top three  lyrical femcee picks so far are Chiba, Lady Twist & Rece Steele. A special shout out goes out to Bree, an aspiring rapper/boxer and buddy of mines from Myspace. A honorable mention goes to Nicky2States, the single mother of 4 who just started rapping a year ago. I find that pretty amazing, only thing is she needs to say something that's meaningful.


Of course the hot mess of the show was Miss My Neck & My Back. Grrr! Why is Khia there? I wasn't really feeling the way one of the chicks on the show (Ms. Cherry) put her on the spot, but chickie had a point. Khia has had her chance, and the possibility that she is nothing more than a one hit wonder is very strong. My advise? Go lay down somewhere, leave those ridiculous looking red, black, gold and green crocheted outfits alone and exit quietly out the rear door, thank you. In case you were wondering, yes, she brought her fashion faux pas with her to the show. Not the bikini number in the picture above, apparently she has plenty of them.

Monday, March 24, 2008

To Whom It May Concern...

First off I want to say thanks for all the emails that I received expressing concerns over my whereabouts, lack of posts, etc. Also a special thanks goes out to those bloggers that kept checking out the page for updates that were nonexistent. An extra special shout out goes out to those who don't give a shit; I feel yall, sometimes I don't give a shit either.

I've been keeping very busy these days. Besides being a single mother and full time employee of the gub'ment, I've decided to take my black ass back to school. As if life wasn't already stressful enough, I've gone back to thesis statements for APA style papers and math equations that stump the hell out of me. Oh, did I mention that I've been out of school for like ten years? Terms like citations, APA, order of operations and the like were like speaking Russian to me. I definitely needed to study hard to bring me back up to the college level.

So that's basically what I have been doing, sharpening my writing and math skills while also taking classes to fulfill my degree. So excuse me if this blog isn't a first, second, or third priority anymore. It will be a priority again, maybe when I feel like I'm on top of my study game. There may be some post here and there, please bare with me. As it is now I barely have enough time to visit the many wonderful blogs on my blog roll, let alone the blogs that I've bookmarked. 

I also want to say that I'm sorry it took me so long to post this, but this really has been on my mind for the longest (I had the intention to post this months ago).

P.S. I know I'm trifling, so what!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Airing out family business


Can anybody explain to me what's going on with the Wu-Tang family? Everybody is mad with Rza, Raekwon is making dumb ass statements, and now Shyheim has entered the realm of ultimate wackness with this trash. 

Edited: Nah Right has a link that explains where the beef stems from. Click here for the interview.

Gone Country?

I know that I said that I was done with reality shows, but why haven't I heard about this one before now? Bobby Brown, Sisco, Maureen McCormick (Marsha Brady), & Dee Snider all on one show? Word is that Bobby and Maureen hit it off.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Rock released from jail

heltah skeltah

Rock's attorney, Kenneth Montgomery, issued a statement today on Rock's behalf and his statement reads:

Rock was released from Rikers Island prison today after posting $125,000 bail. He was indicted for assault and attempted murder charges and will be arraigned on the felony indictment in Brooklyn Supreme Court within the next month. Rock vehemently denies all charges and patiently awaits his day in court.

Meanwhile, Rock will be busy prepping his solo Mix-CD, Shell Shock, which will feature Sean Price, Buckshot, Smif N Wessun, Rustee Juxx and more and also putting the finishing touches on his highly-anticipated reunion LP, D.I.R.T. (Da Incredible Rap Team), with Sean Price (AKA Ruck) as the duo re-form Heltah Skeltah,. D.I.R.T. (Da Incredible Rap Team) is currently slated to be released in the summer of 2008 on Duck Down Records.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Remy Ma Speaks


Remy Ma speaks on Lil' Kim - full Interview:

Remy, I know you keep it gutter, but please refrain from eating candy during interviews. That heavy Bronx NY accent coupled with the Now ~N~Later's voice is not what it's hitting for.


Remy talks about Kim's street cred and say's she doesn't believe that Kim loves herself. 


Remy continues to go at Kim, saying Kim is like borderline MJ (Michael Jackson) status.

Nikz: Overall, Remy makes some valid points, but I still see "a Lil' Kim fan" in her. 'At the end of the day' she needs to concentrate on her court case and leave this wack ass beef shit alone. Because 'at the end of the day' she's up for attempted murder, assault, and criminal weapons possession charges and Remy has a child to worry about, not childishness.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Below Da Radar Spotlight: Spot

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Artist: Spot

Craft: Rapper/Producer

Label: King Day Records

Hailing From: Coney Island, NY

 Album: A Breath Away

Executive Producer: Sickamore

Management: Czar Entertainment

Click 4 MySpace 



Spot is signed to indy label King Day Records and is managed by Jimmy Henchmen's Czar Entertainment. He's getting spins all over the country, and has already appeared on MTV for selling over 50,000 mixtapes independently. He is both a songwriter and a producer, and has already worked with everyone from Jim Jones to El Debarge, (not to mention scoring shows for MTV, BET, and CWTV).

Check him out:

Bleed ~ Spot ft/ Serius Jones & Corey Gibson


She Hate Me ~Spot ft/ R.Kelly

[shout out to Tay]

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gilly Da Kid ~ Get Down On The Ground

If you haven't already, meet Gillie Da (semi-delusional) Kid, leader of the now defunct (?) rap crew Major Figgas and self proclaimed "King Of Philly". Being from the Illadelph myself, I have a hard time swallowing after hearing these words out of his mouth. Don't get me wrong, I heart Gillie, (but really dude, your not it). King of Never Releasing A Studio Album, maybe, but I digress...

I know this is like old news, I'm starting to (kind of) believe his claim that he was Lil Wayne's ghostwriter. Maybe not full-blown ghostwriting, but I can believe he coached. This song is screaming Lil Weasel! Weasel's rhymes were pure hot garbage before The Carter, which is around the time Gillie was first signed to Cash Money. Some say the rhymes changed because Weasel matured, studied, whatever... who cares really? I'm just saying, I see the similarities. Is it just me?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Start 'Em Off Young

Rapper Prodigy (Mobb Deep) & his 7 year old son @ the shooting range. Is that baby mom I hear in the background praising her son? SMDH!!!